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Cord and Pulley blinds can be fitted almost anywhere. Clear or tinted PVC or shadeview fabric are popular fabric choices for this style of blind. The canvas and light-weight acrylic fabrics also are good options. (The clear and tinted PVC cord and pulley blinds are also commonly known as clear bistro blinds, clear cafe blinds or clear patio blinds.)

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Manufactured with an easy to use pulley system, cord and pulley blinds are raised and lowered by pulling or releasing the 6mm plaited rope that runs over the pulleys. In a pocket at the top of the blind is a steel support batten that screws into the headboard. The bottom pocket of the blind is fitted with a 38mm galvanised tube to create stability and acts as a roller when pulling the blind up or down. Terylene webbing straps anchor the blind when in use. Tracks and fittings are powdercoated. Cleats to wrap the cord around when the blind is rolled up and breeching staples to anchor the blind at the bottom, are always stainless steel. Pan plates can also be used to anchor the blind dependent on where the blind is being fitted.

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